About Us

We work together with companies to build data protection solutions that are lasting and valuable.

The company name is “Balebako Privacy Engineer.”

Our founder is Dr. Rebecca Balebako. She has been working on privacy since 2010.  A former manager on the Google Privacy Red Team, Dr Balebako is also an IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy (CIPP/E and CIPT), and holds a PhD in Engineering and Public Policy, focusing on privacy.  

Rebecca was drawn to privacy because it is an intersection of trust, technology, and law.  Therefore, she helps organizations build privacy features using best practices in user experience, software engineering, and public policy.  She is committed to compassionate privacy development that takes into account the broad spectrum of needs across all technology users. 

She has published numerous academic papers on usable privacy, which have been cited widely, including in privacy regulation.  She has advised several US government agencies on privacy.  As a privacy engineer at a Google, she improved the privacy infrastructure for machine learning and personal data.  Before Rebecca moved into the privacy space, Rebecca was a software engineer and project manager at universities and startups.  

Listen to her discuss AI and privacy here.

Watch a video on drones and privacy here.

Rebecca lives in Switzerland with her two fierce and formidable daughters.  A native English speaker, she also speaks advanced intermediate German and French.  


Allow data-driven organizations to build the privacy features their customers love. 

Company Info

Balebako Privacy Engineer is a sole proprietorship based and registered in Switzerland.   

Our Vision

 We work together with companies to build data protection solutions that are lasting and valuable, thereby protecting privacy as a human right.  

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