Mission and Vision


 Allow data-driven organizations to build and test responsible AI governance systems and privacy features.   


We work together with companies to build safety and trust in their AI and ML products.  


  • Privacy by default: Legal compliance is a minimum bar for protecting privacy.  We encourage companies to go above and beyond by engineering privacy by default into their systems.
  • Respect:  We respect ourselves, our clients, and the people whose data we are protecting.  We believe honesty and humility are core aspects of respect. We offer honesty, humility, and respect in all our interactions.
  • Quality and Process: We do work we are proud of and anticipate our clients will be proud of the outcomes as well.  We arrive at quality through clear processes and analysis. 
  • Inclusion: Technology should be designed for everyone.  We believe in building inclusive technology that takes into account the plethora of expectations and needs of people.
  • Health:  We believe in the importance of mental and physical health for ourselves and our clients.  This means we do not work on weekends.  We make time to care for ourselves and others.

Our Vision

 We work together with companies to build data protection solutions that are lasting and valuable, thereby protecting privacy as a human right.  

Privacy by Default


Quality Process