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Building Loyalty in the Newsletter Signup Page

Are you an entrepreneur that is either starting to build an email subscription list, or you already have one?  This course will take you through exactly what you need for the email signup page to respect privacy and build trust with your audience.

By the end of this course you’ll know:

  • How to design for privacy and respect using a simple framework based on your business and needs.  
  • What information you need to have on the subscription page to help your audience. 
  • How to comply with world-wide privacy regulations (like GDPR and CCPA), without overwhelming your audience with legalese

This course includes four 15 minute on-demand lessons with examples.  

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Dr. Rebecca Balebako is a certified privacy professional (CIPP/E) with more than 10 years working in privacy. Rebecca was drawn to privacy because it is an intersection of trust, technology, and law. She is committed to compassionate  development that considers the needs of all technology users.