Privacy User Research

Build trust and understanding with your customers

What are the benefits of privacy user research?  

  • Your community understands how you protect their data.
  • Craft accurate messages and privacy notices.  
  • Your customers trust your organization and remain loyal.  

Why do you need a specialist in privacy user research?

Privacy challenges to classic user experience research, as your customers may have unstated expectations about their data.  Click-through rates don't tell the whole story, nor do A/B tests.  We uncover privacy expectations, and provide actionable user experience guidance.  

Our work includes:

  • Data Protection Personas: Develop user personas for the design and usability of new products. This includes understanding the full scale of risk to your users from data leakage.  
  • Privacy user study:  Run a user study to evaluate a new interface or flow to understand what your customers think is happening with their data.
  • Translate engineering to user-friendly explanations.  Based on a concrete understanding of your company's data protection practices, build notices that your customers read and understand.  

We run qualitative or quantitative studies and can work independently or with your UXR team to develop the best methods for data protection and privacy.

Schedule a Meet and Greet

Do you want to talk to us about whether this would benefit your data protection program? Let's have a 15-minute meet and greet.  

Call includes:

  • Honest answers to your questions about whether this service is a good fit for your org.
  • Adversary elicitation: To improve your threat models, we can brainstorm privacy adversaries.  

Call does not include:

  • Sales Pitch 
  • No strings attached: "It isn't for us" is an acceptable decision

What we offer

Data protection consulting for Internet-of-Things and AI-enabled products.

  • Expert data protection experience:  We've been working on privacy since 2010. We've helped start-ups, large tech companies, and specialized government agencies define strategies for machine learning, including face recognition and speech recognition.   
  • Values-based engineering and design: Are you a values-driven organization that wants to make the world a better place? So are we!  We are committed to compassionate privacy development for all technology users. 
  • Engineering skills and technical know-how: We specialize in AI and voice-enabled devices based on our background working with speech recognition, voice-enabled devices, and home devices.
  • International and multi-cultural:  We have work experience in 5 countries, including in Europe and the USA. We offer an international perspective.  We are based in Switzerland and we are available during European work hours.

What others say about working with us:

M. Le Tilly - Privacy Investigation at Google

Rebecca is both a highly-skilled privacy engineer and a reliable manager.

A. Wyeth - Tech Lead at Google

 Rebecca's data protection knowledge and ability to think through what was best for the user were essential to the success of our Privacy Red Team exercises. 

 I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a data protection expert.

G. Honvoh Chabi -  Manager at Tech Startup

Rebecca ensures processes are followed and tasks effectively completed within the time frame by her team and any third party involved. 

Our Vision

 We work together with companies to build data protection solutions that are lasting and valuable, thereby protecting privacy as a human right.  

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