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Are you looking for options to train your team on privacy-by-design, reputation, and trust?

Are you looking to upskill your team on privacy and data protection?  This is a list of options for your organization or team on coaching or training on privacy.  I've tried to select for corporate training, e.g. training that can be offered to an entire work team.  However, some are more "individual" options at the end of the table.  Sometimes it is hard to know whether a training, coaching, or certificate is for a team or individual. 

 These are all led by well-known privacy academics or institutions.  







8 hours


Live, in-company

Product designers

Instructor Luiza Javorsky is well-known for work on privacy dark patterns.  

Course modules from minutes to hours

E-mail for pricing

On-Demand Videos

Legal professionals

Instructor Daniel Solove is a leading privacy legal scholar in the US.

20 hours over 5 weeks


Live and remote

Full time professionals, early or mid-career

Group prices are available for Harvard Online courses.

32 hours over 4 weeks


Live and remote

Technical professionals or privacy engineers, early or mid-career

Carnegie Mellon has been offering Privacy Engineering instruction for 10 years.

2 days


Live, remote, on-demand options

Legal, engineer, or PM options

Goal is to achieve one of the certificates.



Live, remote or in-house (Europe)

Executives and leadership

Enables leadership decision-making

4-6 hours


Live, remote or in-house (Europe)

Cross-functional team members

Enable cross-functional collaboration for startups and SMEs

2 hours

"flat fee"


Cross-functional team members

"ask questions specific to your organization in a non-public format"

Individual Privacy and Data Protection Training

The above table shows corporate training opportunities.  There are also options for individuals who want to grow their privacy careers.  

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