Responsible AI Roadmap for Startups

As an AI founder, the legal and reputational risks of irresponsible AI keep you up at night.  

An actionable Roadmap and Coaching answers your questions and provides clear steps. 

Gain a sustainable competitive advantage by building a trustworthy and ethical product.

Learn how to build a compliant and ethical AI startup without hindering growth.

Build trust = more users & partnerships:

Responsible AI makes your product more attractive. Think happy customers and big deals!

Work with the best:

Big companies often check your data practices before partnering. Responsible AI makes you a more attractive teammate. Think dream collaborations!

Do good, feel good:

Build a product that benefits everyone and your bottom line. Feels good, right?


I'm Rebecca Balebako

I'm the founder of Balebako Privacy Engineer. 

Our team has over a decade of experience with data protection and privacy in ML and AI.  We've worked with:


RAND Corporation


US Department of Homeland Security

Carnegie Mellon University

Harvard University

How it works

Build Your Profile


You answer key questions in a secure online form about what you are building, what stage you are in, and where you want to release and deploy your product. This typically takes 30 minutes. 

Roadmap document Delivered


An expert assesses your questions and writes your custom Responsible AI roadmap for your startup. This bespoke advice is based on a proven process we have honed over years of experience building data protection programs for data-driven software.

Strategic Coaching


Bring any further questions to a 1:1 call with a Responsible AI expert. We have over 15 years of experience leading data protection and building safe AI, and can answer any specific questions in this time.  

What others say about working with us:

M. Le Tilly - Privacy Investigation at Google

Rebecca is both a highly-skilled privacy engineer and a reliable manager.  She consistently provided relevant pointers and asked critical questions based on her extensive knowledge of current and upcoming privacy regulations and trends. She's capable of understanding complex systems quickly and applies a privacy lens systematically.  Working with her has been a blast and an amazing learning experience!

A. Wyeth - Tech Lead at Google

 Rebecca's data protection knowledge and ability to think through what was best for the user were essential to the success of our Privacy Red Team exercises. She helped us to identify and mitigate potential privacy risks, and she provided valuable insights on how to communicate our findings to get the best impact. 

 I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a data protection expert.

G. Honvoh Chabi -  Manager at Tech Startup

Rebecca ensures processes are followed and tasks effectively completed within the time frame by her team and any third party involved. She is sociable and passionate about her job.


Can't I just get this information from ChatGPT? 

We also love using generative AI to assist us with some new areas. However, we've seen numerous false and misleading answers about data protection, privacy, and responsible AI from various LLMs.  

We want to you to have accurate guidance so you don't make costly mistakes. We offer a personalized roadmap based on your business goals. We look for opportunities based on your needs. We have real-world experience working with startups and defining safe products. We've also tested and broken thousands of machine learning models, so we know what real adversaries might do.   

We also understand the human element of being a startup founder. You have so much on your plate, you really need to prioritize the most crucial and cost-effective steps for your team. We help you get there.  

What Does the RoadMAP contain? 

The roadmap will guide you on each stage of the startup journey with recommendations on privacy, security, governance, and responsible frameworks.   

First we provide a quick assessment of your data and risks. We also assess which regulations you need to pay attention to.  

Then we provide concrete steps of what needs to be done at each stage of your startup, from Seed to Expansion. At each step of the journey, we recommend the cost-effective privacy, security, and AI governance steps most appropriate to your company maturity, complexity, and resources. You can return to this roadmap for reviewing the main priorities for responsible AI.

We've already Launched, Do I need a Roadmap?

Get a roadmap, even if you're late to the party. Our roadmap scales with your resources, offering a clear path to success at any stage. 

Build a strong foundation early with minimal resources, then optimize growth later with data-driven decisions and smart hiring. Revisit anytime to course-correct and accelerate your journey.

What does the Coaching Session Contain?

After you've had a chance to review the Roadmap, you meet with a privacy expert to get your questions answered. Consider this a live coaching session, where you can bring any concerns or issues you have about privacy, security, accuracy, or regulation.  

A stand-alone coaching session with a specialist would typically cost from $300, and we provide more than the basic chat.  

What If We Need More Help?

We focus on helping startups create human-led processes that enable data-driven decisions. If you are looking for a long-term engagement and guidance from someone who knows your company, we also offer Fractional Advisory services. We also offer executive coaching, and vulnerability testing.

We are in Stealth Mode.  Will you Sign an NDA?

We will not to disclose, copy, clone, or modify any confidential information related to us. We agree not to use any such information without obtaining consent. All information about your business idea will be considered confidential. Let us know if you still want an NDA. 

Is this Legal Advice?

Nope. We are technical experts with knowledge of business strategy and regulation. We do not give legal advice.

But, we do want to make sure your legal budget is spent wisely and not wasted. We recommend when you need to talk to a lawyer and what you should talk to them about. 

We bring expertise on building Responsible AI

Responsible AI frameworks, development, and monitoring.

  • Expert data protection experience: We've been working on privacy, security, and fairness since 2010. We've helped start-ups, large tech companies, and specialized government agencies define strategies for machine learning, including face recognition and speech recognition. 
  • Values-based engineering and design: Are you a values-driven organization that wants to make the world a better place? So are we!  We are committed to compassionate development for all technology users. 
  • Translating business to technical requirements: We help overcome gaps in understanding and language between different teams.  We translate business goals into engineering requirements.  
  • International and multi-cultural:  We have work experience in 5 countries, including in Europe and the USA. We offer an international perspective. We are based in Switzerland and are available during European work hours.

Examples of Work 

Shift left for machine learning developers:

A large company was developing hundreds of models.  We developed a plan to integrate data protection into their model development workflow with a few tool improvements.  Automated monitoring of data privacy was cost-effective, and easy!

Face recognition framework to protect privacy and prevent bias:

A democratic government agency wanted to protect civil liberties while still automating border control.  We provided a framework for how to mitigate privacy risks and unfair bias in face recognition systems.

Location sharing for a mobility app:

An app providing driving directions was asked to share information with a local government agency.  We helped them evaluate how to provide useful information while still protecting their user's privacy using gold-standard methods.

This allowed the team to partner with large cities throughout Europe!

Our Vision

 We work together with companies to build Responsible AI solutions that are lasting and valuable. 

Privacy by Default


Quality Process